Condolence & Memory Journal

Lou & Joy Munoz, Alta Loma,California - Please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your mom. When I was in college I visited with the Campo family several times. She was always so kind to us, and we had such a good time talking with her. She was intelligent, well spoken, funny, and charming. She will be dearly missed. We will keep her and the family, our friends, in our prayers. Rest In Peace

Posted by Lou Munoz - Alta Loma, CA - Friend   March 29, 2021

I have never met Mrs.Campo, but I am sure she was a wonderful lady. My family all know, John. He spent many hours at our house with my son , Shawn. We all enjoyed & loved John. So sorry I am not able to make it to the Mass. Please extend my sincerest sympathy to Philomena’s family & especially John. Praying for all of you. Mrs.Kearney

Posted by Patricia Kearney    March 27, 2021


Mindy, I am so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

Posted by Anne Skala - Brookhaven, PA - Friend   March 25, 2021

Mindy I am so sorry for you and the family Cousin Honey was a shining light in the family. I will always think of her with great love and affection. God bless you and yours. Chrissy Librone Eatherly

Posted by Christina Eatherly - Ventnot, NJ - Family   March 21, 2021

Mindy, my sincere condolences to you and your family on the passing of your beautiful mom. May she RIP

Posted by Elaine Manfredo    March 19, 2021


Rest In Peace Aunt Honey

Posted by Nicole Sochanski - Sewell, NJ - Family   March 19, 2021

Mrs. Campo

What you mean to me.

The first time I spent the night at the Campo house, I was fourteen years old. I will never forget the first dinner, the long table with the table cloth, the food brought to the table steaming, the music, and the family coming to the table to sit down. It was so much fun. I was a shy teenager until I came to the Campo house for dinner. When I took the first bite of Mrs. Campo’s eggplant parmigiana I went gaga. It was the most delicious food I had tasted in my whole life and we were living in Verona! I could not hide it. Col. Campo said, “Nancy wants more, save it for Nancy.!” Mrs. Campo sat at the other end of the table, and watched me devour her recipe and serving for eight.
When I threw up that night from over eating all the eggplant parmigiana, and had to stay home and miss school the next day , Mrs. Campo stayed there, checking on me, getting anything I needed. I was embarrassed and she knew it. She didn’t make me feel badly about missing school. She was a real trooper.
With her care and thoughtfulness, and unassuming ways, you knew you were in safe hands with Mrs. Campo.
I trusted her from that day forward.

But, I did not eat eggplant parmigiana for the next 20 years .

The way she did things. Mrs. Campo let others shine a lot but she was the beauty and brains in every room that she was ever in. The fun would not have happened if not for her careful planning and preparation and spontaneous fun. She steadfastly knew what was important in life. Her devotion and support of the military always present. She would fight for what was right and would speak her mind. She was dutiful about everything. She was funny. Her low key humming when she did her chores, motherly and wifely duties. The way she got things done, she just did it, and she was always dressed fancy for dinner. She was a serious student also, making straight A’s in everything she studied. She was an author too. The way she followed through- surpassed all.

She could spot a phony immediately.

The first time she met my two adopted girls from Vietnam she treated them with such love and affection-my girls ate her meals with gusto as I had. Col. Campo and Mrs. Campo both had the girls on their laps and sang to them, talked to them. The girls felt so comfortable and safe.

I cherished every moment I had with Mrs. Campo, and of course Col. Campo too. Military kids move around a lot and meet a lot of parents. Even when we are in college our memories of certain families tie us to this world . They are the ones who understand us and really know us. No one could come close or compare to the Campo parents. IN ANY WAY. Through my whole life, visits here and there, not nearly enough, but it was clear in my mind how unique Mrs. Campo was and how much I appreciated her, cherished her. It only got stronger and stronger. Only one person ( besides my mother) remained the voice I depended on, who had the guts, the fore-sight, wonderful humor, and knew what freedom meant and how to keep it. I told Mrs. Campo in 2016 she should have been cloned a million times and the world would have hope. Then I told her she should be President of The United States. She laughed but I meant it.

Mrs. Campo, I knew how unique you were as a teenager and I knew it as a grown up.
No one in the history books can come close to you.

I am going to miss your voice so much.


Posted by Nancy Rooney - Virginia Beach, VA - friend   March 19, 2021