Condolence & Memory Journal


(This is my second entry) I also want to add how much fun we had growing up as a part of a large Italian family. I have such fond memories of picnics at the Cimini house! The screened-in porch, playing Family Feud, the swing set, the horseshoes, the honeysuckles, the picture of Jesus in the kitchen that I swear was watching us! ha ha I remember the basement with the ping pong table, along with all of the great food. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, was the PURE love this family had for each other, again the Italian spirit of being yourself and expressing yourself. There was so much laughing and closeness- it was a honor to be a part of all of these gatherings. It is ingrained in my soul and even though I was a quiet little kid I was smart enough to know that this family I was part of was just a beautiful example of what a wonderful family is and witnessing how family should treat each other. I will always cherish those memories and I am just so proud and honored that I can say I was a part of it! My grandmother was our connection into this wonderful family and I am forever grateful. I love ALL of you- I wish I lived closer because I would love to attend a family picnic just one more time. You probably don't realize how much I looked up to my super-fun & cool cousins Ricky, Missy & Nancy. I remember cousin Jerry dancing like Michael Jackson and Stephanie was young but just so darn CUTE!! Thank you all for the great memories. My grandmother had a great life and her wonderful family was a very big part of that.

Posted by Lisa Frank Johnson - BOISE, ID - Grandchild   May 22, 2021

Grams was born in 1922 and I was born in 1972, 50 years later. Grams lived to be 98 so I had her in my life until almost my 50s. My memories of my Grams were from my childhood, from pictures and stories, and experiences through the years. I think I grew older and Grams stayed timeless.
Grams visited me at my childhood home in Chalfont, PA and amazed at how far away I lived in the suburbs (described by my Grandpop as God's Country). As an adult I visited her from my home in New Jersey, and she would burst out You came All the Way from Jersey! every time.
Grams was a Winner! As a child Grams chaperoned me at Midnight poker games. Grams gifted me a quarter when she would win a hand at cards. When I became an adult, she would try her hardest to win those quarters back. For a giggle and an advantage, she laid her head sideways on the table to see the bottom card of the deck.
Over the years, we went from Ginos to KFC, movie theatres to VHS tapes, Dungaree Pants to Blue Jeans, Spaghetties and Gravy to extra scoops of ice cream. Kisses and Hugs were always Kisses and Hugs, with a side of lipstick on the cheek.
It is hard to sum up 50 years of memories, but I will cherish each and every one of them.

Posted by Beth Frank - Burlington, NJ - Grandchild   May 22, 2021

Mom, we didn't know each other very Long, but you treated me like a daughter from day one, Rest In Peace with your loving Husband Ernest
We will miss you.Jean and your loving Son Ernie

Posted by Jean Frank - Norristown, PA - Family   May 19, 2021


May Aunt Anna rest in peace as she joins her heavenly Father and family in heaven.
Our deepest sympathy,
Mike and Cathy Siravo and family

Posted by Michael & Catherine Siravo - Hainesport, NJ - Family   May 18, 2021

Our mother's are together once again.
I have terrific memories of mom (Evie Albanese Anastasia) and your mom laughing and telling me stories about growing up in West Philadelphia.
You have my heartfelt condolences and sympathy during this difficult time.
Both of your parents will be remembered in my heart.

Posted by Antonia Anastasia Garczynski - Friend   December 27, 2020