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You always would say “it’s too much” whenever we would get you a gift or plan an elaborate dinner or offer to pick you up and take you home when driving at night was too much. But the truth is that it was never too much and now does not seem like enough… time, conversations, holidays, memories, left overs (lol!). I was blessed to have you as my godmother. I loved that special bond we shared and having birthdays one day apart! We were blessed as a family to have your love, presence, attention, chocolate cake, the first call whenever medical advice was needed, and of course, the constant help whenever anything needed to be cleaned up!! I loved it most when I would look over and finally see you sitting down after everything was done and enjoying the food, conversation, craziness and noise that was always around. You’ve worked so hard, you have been so resilient and strong, and you have cared so much for others that now you can finally relax and enjoy! I know you will keep w
The Roberta Family: Christine (seated), Nancy, Jean, Albert, Christine.